Vacpakgenie Space Saver Bag Vacuum Storage Bags, Compression Bag, Vacuum Seal Bag with Suction Pump Reusable Waterproof Travel Roll Up Bags for Clothing,...

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  • Compression Bag: VacPakGenie offers Reusable Space Saver Bags with Hand Suction Pump, made of high-quality plastic. Pack of 6 (2x Jumbo 2x Large 2x Medium) includes 3 different sizes that cater to various needs. Reusable Storage Bags with Travel Hand Pump can be used for Home storage, Duvets, Bedding, Curtains, Pillows, Clothes, Quilts, Sweater, Comforters, Dresses, soft toys, bedding linen, towels and much more!
  • Perfect Protection: Our space bags have Double zipper lock which ensures perfect vaccummpacking bags and the clip makes it easier to bind the zip; the triple-seal strong valve prevents the air from going back. Storage bags vacuum sealed saves from insects, dust, molds, mites, odor, and moisture
  • More Room: Space bags reduces the volume up to 85%. Vacuum sealer bags clothes give more room and help for organization your clothes and provide a super tidy organized look
  • Great for Traveling and Moving: Need more space in your luggage? Are you moving? If the answer is yes, then this is for you. It comes with a mini hand pump which is great for traveling. Travel Roll up Bags facilitate in reducing the volume while traveling
  • Durability: large vacuum storage bags for bedding are long lasting and work like magic to reduce the volume in just minutes! Its strong holding makes it super cozy to use again and again