Toamit Virus Shut Out Children & Adult Portable Air Sterilization Card Air Disinfection Sterilization Card Made in Japan (New Product)

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  • 💪What is Virus Shut Out💪
  • ➡️This air badge produces chlorine dioxide to protect a person wearing it from virus, bacteria and fungi attack within 0.5 meter circle from the product.
  • ➡️It is suitable for all ages including newborn babies and pregnant women. (SAFE‼️)
  • ➡️It can effectively prevent V I R U S and bacteria from spreading in public transport, school and hospital
  • Dimension: 2.8 x 1.9 x 0.2 inch / H7.2 x W4.8 x D0.5 cm
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Package Size: 76 x 155 x 17 mm
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Lifespan: 1 Month after the product is unsealed
  • Ingredients: Chlorine Dioxide Self-generating compound
  • 💯 Made in JAPAN


✔️ SPECIFICATIONS: Model: Lanyard air sterilization card Product specifications: 1 sterilization card + 1 lanyard Product size: H7.2cm × W4.2cm × D1.9cm Main ingredients: sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide, natural zeolite Validity period: 30 days after opening (the valid period may change according to the place of use and the situation) Storage: The product should be stored in a dry, cool and dark place. For Children, Girls, Boys, Studers, Workers, and so on. ✔️ HOW TO USE: 1. Remove the outer packing bag and remove the product. 2. Pin the lanyard on the bag. 3. Hang on neck or carry-on items change about 30 days. ✔️ PACKAGE INCLUSION: 1 x Air Sterilization Card + 1 x Lanyard