3D Electric Head Massager Intelligent Air Pressure Vibration Finger Press Relaxation with Music Soothing Relax Helmet

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  • It is very good in head massage, there is a good effect in releasing stress, helping to relieve headaches, improving sleep disorders, headaches and relaxation, preventing nervous breakdown, insomnia, stroke or other diseases, enhancing memory and delaying aging, promoting sleep .
  • It looks like a helmet, you can wear it and enjoy a massage while sleeping, walking, reading or resting.
  • The intensity can be adjusted by adjusting the inner diameter of the helmet, air pressure, heat pack and multi-frequency vibration. It exerts pressure on the acupuncture points and produces a mild sense of tension, which alternately acts on the forehead, the beats and vibrations of the head, temples, and back of the head will relieve vascular headaches.
  • Intelligent air pressure, simulated finger press error point, multi-frequency vibration, hot pack, music guide relax.
  • Massage mode and music type for precise massage. Built-in music can create a comfortable atmosphere for better results. The handheld controller selects massage settings, music, timer and on / off switch.