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PLEASE NOTE: THE ORIGINAL KENNY POSTURE CORRECTOR AS SEEN ON THE WEBSITE, COMES WITH THE KENNY SPORTS LOGO PRINTED ON THE PRODUCT AND IS HIGH QUALITY IT'S SOLD BY " KENNY ORIGINALS STORE" KENNY Posture comfortable posture brace comes with detachable armpit pads and provides all day wearability. INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHES: No need to feel self conscious about wearing a posture brace. The latex-free adjustable design is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse. After a while you’ll forget you’re even wearing the posture support brace. IDEAL FOR WOMEN & MEN: The back posture corrector for women & men promotes long term muscle memory, so even after you remove it - you’ll still be standing straight up. No more hunching, slouching or rolling your shoulders forward. PUT ON AND ADJUST BY YOURSELF: The clavicle brace is adjustable for chest circumferences between 25 and 50 inches. By using shoulder straps to adjust, you can easy use the posture back brace by yourself without requiring help to get it on and off